• Railway turnout backing plate powder coating line

    Industry: Machinery ManufacturingProcess flow: loading - shot blasting - dust removal - powder spraying - powder curing - unloadingWith a history of 127 years, as the Cradle of China's Steel Bridge Steel Structure Industry, China's Largest Railway Turnout R&D and Manufacturing Base, China's Important Professional Manufacturer of Large-Scale C···


  • Team building activities by OURS COATING

    OURS COATING Company organized a three-day and two-night group tour from July 22 to 24, which not only allowed everyone to relax, but also took this opportunity to gather team spirit. On the basis of caring for employees, the company incorporated team spirit into this event, and more importantly, created an atmosphere of unity, hard work, and progress for al···


  • Crane jib and outrigger pretreatment powder coating + painti···

    Industry: Construction MachineryProcess flow: (powder coating) loading - cleaning - drying - powder spraying - powder curing - cooling - unloading(Painting) loading - cleaning - drying - painting - paint drying - cooling - unloadingThe customer is the Top 500 Asian Brands, and is an excellent supplier of Zoomlion, a well-known manufacturer of high-tech equip···


  • Shelf powder coating line with power and free conveyor

    Industry: Storage ShelvesProcess flow: loading - cleaning - drying - powder coating - powder curing - unloadingThe customer specializes in the design and manufacture of storage racks and supporting handling equipment products. The products are diverse and complex. The powder coating line provided by OURS Coating can allow customer to flexibly arrange product···


  • Return visit to customer

    OURS COATING provides the turnkey projects from design communication to commissioning and acceptance.The customer we visised this time is to provide auto parts electrophoresis service for Japanese high-end cars. The electrophoresis line we built has been in normal use for more than 2 years. It has helped customers go against the trend under the epidemic situ···


  • Sewing machine coating equipment

    Industry: Sewing MachineryProcess flow:Automatic loadingPrimer line: loading - cleaning - drying - robot spray primer - primer drying - coolingMiddle-coat line: puttying - putty polishing - cleaning and finishing - robot middle-coat spraying- middle-coat drying - coolingTop-coat line: middle-coat polishing- putty filling - putty polishing - finishing and shi···


  • Smart powder booth

    Industry: Furniture and Home FurnishingProcess flow: loading - cleaning - drying - powder spraying - powder curing - manual unloadingThe customer is engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of various sliding rails, brackets, shelves, furniture accessories and other products. It is an exclusive supplier of IKEA- the world's larges···


  • Aluminum profile vertical powder coating line

    Industry: Building MaterialsProcess flow: loading-cleaning-drying-powder coating-powder curing-unloadingThe aluminum profile vertical powder coating line tailored by OURS Coating for the customer can handle 8m long workpieces, and the compatibility of the production line is stronger. The new production line saves the labor costs, reduces the chemical consump···


  • Quality Furniture Powder Coating Line in UAE

    Business:FurnitureType:PowderCoatingPlantProcess: Load - Degreasing - Rinse - Drying - Powder Spraying (Automatic+Manual) - Powder Curing - Cooling - UnloadComplete powder coating line for office furniture, kitchen and bath cabinets, doors, store fixtures and displays, barbecue trays and ready-to-assemble furniture for the office and home.


  • Third Project in Serbia

    Type:PowderCoatingPlantBusiness:Agricultural machineryProcess: Load ---- Degrease ---- Rinse ---- Drying ---- Powder Spraying (Automatic+Manual) ---- Powder Curing ---- Cooling ---- UnloadOur client is one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery in South-East Europe, with a tradition lasting for over 50 years. It has advanced production techno···




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