• Return visit to customer

    OURS COATING provides the turnkey projects from design communication to commissioning and acceptance.The customer we visised this time is to provide auto parts electrophoresis service for Japanese high-end cars. The electrophoresis line we built has been in normal use for more than 2 years. It has helped customers go against the trend under the epidemic situ···


  • Quality Furniture Powder Coating Line in UAE

    Business:FurnitureType:PowderCoatingPlantProcess: Load - Degreasing - Rinse - Drying - Powder Spraying (Automatic+Manual) - Powder Curing - Cooling - UnloadComplete powder coating line for office furniture, kitchen and bath cabinets, doors, store fixtures and displays, barbecue trays and ready-to-assemble furniture for the office and home.


  • Third Project in Serbia

    Type:PowderCoatingPlantBusiness:Agricultural machineryProcess: Load ---- Degrease ---- Rinse ---- Drying ---- Powder Spraying (Automatic+Manual) ---- Powder Curing ---- Cooling ---- UnloadOur client is one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery in South-East Europe, with a tradition lasting for over 50 years. It has advanced production techno···


  • Latest Advanced Powder Coating System in UK

    Business: Job CoaterType:PowderPaintingSystemProcess: Load - Zirconium Phosphate - Rinse - Drying - Powder Spraying (Automatic+Manual) - Powder Curing - Cooling - UnloadEstablished in 1978, our client has vast experience in coating, and a reputation of the highest quality in the surface finishing industry. For them, it is a piece of cake to paint complex war···


  • Versatile Powder Coating Plant in Czech Republic

    Type:PowderCoatingSystemBusiness: Job CoaterProcess: Load ---- Degreasing and Phosphating ---- Rinse ---- Drying ---- Powder Spraying (Automatic+Manual) ---- Powder Curing ---- Cooling ---- UnloadOurs coating built this client the compact Powder Coating System with largest working size in Czech Republic. Ourscoating powder coating equipment allows them to ta···


  • Competitive LPG Cylinder Power Painting System in Lebanon

    Type:PowderCoatingSystemBusiness: Cylinder ManufacturingProcess: Load ---- Powder Spraying (Automatic + Manual) ---- Powder Curing ---- Cooling ---- UnloadOur client is in the fluid power cylinder and actuator manufacturers industry. Ours coating made a cost-effective automatic powder coating system with monocylone powder booth, which helps the client greatl···


  • Successful Installation in Qatar

    Type:Powderbooth, oven, powder gunBusiness: Water and electrical service cabinetOur customer is a company with three divisions: Paper Factory, Transport, and Classic Wrought Iron.They bought powder booth, oven and powder gun from us for spraying water and electrical service cabinet. They are satisfied with our equipment and we have a good cooperation.


  • Satisfactory Delivery of Plating Line and Painting Line in S···

    Type: Electroplating line,Liquid spray painting lineBusiness: Agricultural MachineryProcess: Loading- ultrasonic degreasing ① - hot water rinse - pickling - spray cleaning - pickling - spray cleaning - galvanizing ① - galvanizing ② - Zinc Dissolution - Recycling - spray cleaning - lightening - passivation - spray cleaning - drying ①② - drain off - unloa···


  • Valve Painting Line in Saudi Abrabia

    Type: Liquid PaintingLine Business: Oil PipelineProcess: Load----Blast ---- Painting---- Drying ---- UnloadThe leading manufacturer of valve and pipe fittings in Saudi Arabia is using our painting booth.Our wet painting system advantages:Good applicabilityHigh-quality coatingLow pollutionTechnical features:1. Made of light steel, safe and steady.2. The wall ···


  • Powder Coating Line for Trust Worthy Gensets Maker in Russia

    Type:PowdercoatinglineBusiness: Power GeneratorProcess:Load----Powder Spraying (Automatic +Manual) ----Powder Curing(180-200℃ 20min Hot Air Circulating)----Cooling ---- UnloadPowder Coating Line for Trust Worthy Gensets Maker in RussiaInmesol 25 years producing and developing gensets, light towers and motor welding sets.Inmesol is an important manufacturer ···




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